No one else in Bakersfield has a child’s self-defense program anywhere near the size of Order of the Dragon. We use selected moves from various styles that we feel work best for kids in a self-defense situation.

PATCH LOCATIONS: American Flag patch goes on the left sleeve. Degree Patches go on the right sleeve. Personalized patches (these are the ones that have your name on them) go in the left breast area. Most other patches are considered ‘fun’ patches and can go anywhere.


When a student recieves a report card that meets our high standards, they recieve a special Academic Achievement Patch. This student will show the report card to their Instructor prior to class. The Instructor will make a Presentation to the student after class begins.
You must have at least a ‘B’ average to earn this award. A ‘D’ or a ‘F’ will disqualify a student from getting this award, even if the average is still a ‘B’.

For report cards that use marks, such as a plus sign or check mark, the report card must have at least half of the highest mark. Many students have been encouraged and actually tried harder in school to earn this award. ***Parents, please check this type of report card before showing them to the Instructor! Also, please bring a print out of the report. Do not show it to us on your cell phone.

Order of the Dragon


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• Checks
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• PayPal (no checks accepted via PayPal).

Our PayPal address is [email protected].