Order of the Dragon


At Order of the Dragon, we feel that sparring (referred to as kumite by some styles) enhances a childs learning ability to defend themselves. Many schools don’t allow students to spar in class until they reach a certain age or rank. Why? Quite frankly, some Instructors just don’t have the Skill Sets to teach younger students how to spar.

We spar at all ranks. Even beginner students will spar. We have very strict safety sparring rules to prevent anyone from getting hurt. No one is allowed to make contact unless they have the proper approved safety gear. Even then, we do not allow full contact. Further, we don’t allow face contact. You absolutely do not have to hurt your partner to get good at this!

Order of the Dragon


We take sparring very serious. Any student who uses our teaching to become a bully or start a fight will be kicked out.

The obsolute only time a student should fight for real is when they have no choice. Due to varying family values, it is up to the parents to give examples of ‘no choice’