Testing and Promotion



White and Yellow Belts: Testing for these belt colors are simply a Motivational Test for those who are White Belt or testing for up to 4th Degree Yellow Belt. Being newer students, we know these ranks are going to make errors at test time. Therefore, the lower ranks are judged purely on effort. New students are considered White Belt.

Orange Belts and Higher: You must get your Senseis permission to test for Orange Belt or higher as you are now taking a skill based test. You will need this permission each and every time you test. Further, you must already have your Order of the Dragon Safety/Sparring Gear before taking the test. Due to the intense training in the advance class, absolutely no one is allowed in this class without the proper Safety Gear.

Brown Belts and Higher: If your Sensei feels you are ready to take a test, they will first consult with Master Absher. If Master Absher agrees, your Sensei will invite you to test. It is never appropriate for a Brown Belt or Higher to ask to be tested. We are incredibly strict at this test level.

You must wear your full Order of the Dragon uniform when testing!
There are typically 7 test opportunities per year.
5 test are held in the classroom during normal class time. There is still a regular class once testing is complete.


If you are taking an ‘in the classroom’ test, you will sign up and pay for the test the day of the test. Our staff will have the sign up form. Your awards will be given to you the following week at the same exact day and location where you took your test. Due to time constraints, we never conduct test for 1st Degree or higher Black Belt during an ‘in the classroom’ test.


We typically have 2 Special Test per year. These are on a Saturday afternoon at one location. When taking a Special Test, you must fully pre-register for this test before test day. Pre-registration means you turn in a fully filled out test form with the appropriate test fee. We do it this way for two reasons: 1. There is no staff to check you in the day of a Special Test. 2. Awards are given out before you leave. Those invited to test for 1st Degree or higher Black Belt will be tested at a Special Test once all of the lower ranks have completed their test.